Thursday, November 4, 2010

Let's Talk Turkey - The Good and Bad of it

Thanksgiving is in a few weeks and that means one thing (for us poultry eaters) -- our traditional turkey meal. There are certainly many recipes and traditions out there. However, if you watch the Food Network from time to time, you may have come across this funny and knowledgeable cook Alton Brown. He's a cross between your big brother and a nerdy scientist who happens to really know how to cook food.

If you're happy with your approach, great. But, odds are you'll likely see something from Alton that might help you with your turkey. There are two videos here. First is traditional turkey which is cooked in an oven. The second one is for those of us who elect to deep-fry out turkeys.

Some of us have deep fried our turkeys and it can taste great. But, whether you realize it or not, it can be very dangerous. Alton goes through some of those precautions here in a very humorous and enlightening way.

No matter which way you go, we of course hope that your turkey turns out as planned, but really hope that you keep safe in the process.

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