Monday, September 14, 2009

Monthly Contest Guidelines

It our intention here is to get more people smiling! In doing so, we are sponsoring a monthly contest as a reminder to our patients and friends on the benefits to showing off their smile. We wanted to keep our contest as simple as possible, so the focus is on seeing and experiencing more smiles, not on reading contest guidelines.

Here are the basic rules:

1. Every month we will send an E-mail to those people who have elected to receive our electronic newsletter. Each person on our list is eligible to win our monthly prize.

2. All eligible entrants must be located between San Francisco and San Jose, CA. Only one person is eligible, even though they may have more than one E-mail address.

3. The Monthly Prize Winner will be drawn randomly from ALL the monthly subscribers.

4. Contest is NOT open to employees/contractors/temporary employees of Millbrae Dental Care employees or their families. Past winners must wait 12 months in order to be eligible again for this random drawing.

5. We hope to continue this contest for a long time, but reserve the right to stop it at any point.

6. If you have questions, drop us a note at: info (at)

7. Prices must be claimed in-person at our office in Millbrae along with proof of mailing address (when needed).

8. Winners must agree to allow Millbrae Dental Care to use their name, photo and any quotes with them receiving their prize for communication or news purposes.

9. iPhone pize is not actual phone due to required contracts. iPhone prize is a gift card for the amount of an iPhone with 2-year contract.

10. Winners are responsible for any taxes, fees and/or contract agreements that they may occur. Millbrae Dental Care is not responsible for additional charges that may be needed or are in addition to the prize that is being offered to contest winners.

10. If you don’t win, we hope that you will still remember to keep smiling. This is our primary intention for our current and prospective patients. Why is this so important? We believe, "The shortest distance between two people is a smile." ~Author Unknown

Make Your Brushing Better - from Web MD

We all know we need to brush our teeth in order to maintain a healthy smile. So, if you're good enough to know how important this is, why not become better at it? Here are 10 Common Brushing Mistakes and how you can CORRECT them.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Funny Animal Scenes Take 1

Do you have two minutes? You can't help but smile at some of these scenes.

Funny Animals - Animal Accident