Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Our Favorite Mother's Day Video

This is one of our favorite Mother's Day Video clips. About two minutes long, it was done by a couple of friends, Luke Barats and Joe Berata. Posing as brothers, Tucker and Brad look to show their love for their mother by taking a 'simple' Mother's Day photo.

Improve Your Athletic Performance -- With a Mouth Guard (REALLY!)

Did you know that you could improve your athletic performance with a mouth guard? Sounds far-fetched, doesn't it? Well, the Pro's don't think so. Professional athletes including golfers, tennis players, bicyclists to football players are using them and seeing results. Documented results in endurance and performance. How can that be? Very simply, performance mouth guards lessen your distraction and fatigue, providing you more energy and performance.

Still skeptical? Check out this 2-minute video and see for yourself.

Red isn't Just for Roses - Win a RED iPod!

This month we're giving away an Apple (PRODUCT) RED Special Edition iPod. It's easy to enter -- there's nothing to buy, just share the fun.

Each month we want to give back to our patients. In honor of Mother's Day, people born in the month of May -- or for that matter -- any month, we're giving away a really neat and beautiful iPod.

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