Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Need Help Understanding Dental Insurance?

For many patients, dental insurance is a benefit that they receive from their employer. Like health insurance, it's intended to ensure that patients receive the proper medical care that they require at more a more affordable cost. We couldn't agree more strongly with this purpose. But, given the many different plans and options that are available from providers, sometimes this can get VERY confusing.

If you have the time, take a look at your coverage and what you're entitled to. If you don't have time or can't make heads or tails of things, get some help from your dentist. They can help wade through all the details of your plan; from co-pays to deductibles and limitations.

By working with a dentist that takes the time to go through your insurance coverage BEFORE your visit has two three significant advantages.

1. It can save you time!
2. Patients can avoid costly surprises!
3. Patients can maximize their benefits!

If you'd like to read more, we've put together a small article which you can read by clicking on the link: Understanding Dental Insurance & Dental Plans.

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  1. This was once mentioned to me by my
    (Myrtle Beach) dentist when I visited him for a check-up, but I was advised to review first all the aspect of dental insurance, like the coverage and limitations. Thanks for the article link, by the way.