Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Dental Implants with Dr. Tsai - Millbrae Dental Care

Many of my patients are surprised to learn you don't need to see a specialist to have a dental implant or mini implant placed. Dentists like me, who have gone on to take post graduate implant training, are able to place dental implants as well as mini implants right in our office.

This is great news to our patients since they can have their implants from start to finish in one office. Also, dental implant costs are significantly lower when placed by a dentist versus an oral surgeon; making dental implants a more affordable treatment. We can also offer lower cost bone grafts and extractions if needed. For more involved cases we work closely with a specialist.

Many patients are concerned about the process or procedure to place a dental implant. Once they find out how common and well understood the treatment is they are able to relax. Most dental implants can be placed in an hour or so. Once placed you will return to our office for a followup visit to make sure everything is healing properly. Then about four to six months later we will place the final crown and abutment. Below I have posted a video on YouTube that illustrates the implant process.

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